ConforMIS Knee—Resurfacing Rather Than Replacing

The ConforMIS approach combines a portfolio of products for osteoarthritis in one, two or all three compartments of the knee with a unique approach to resurfacing. Rather than joint replacement, the products use patient-specific data from imaging scans to create implants that resurface the joint. Combining partial or total knee options with a resurfacing approach affords maximum bone preservation.

Personalized implants offer unique advantages versus traditional knee replacement options, including:   

  • Superior fit matched to individual size and shape
  • Natural, anatomic feel and alignment
  • Significant bone preservation
  • Less traumatic procedure and faster recovery

For many patients, especially those who suffer from knee problems in the earlier stages of osteoarthritis, ConforMIS offers a range of implants that may provide a less invasive, less traumatic option than traditional knee replacement. 



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