Birmingham Hip—An Advanced Resurfacing Option

The Birmingham Hip Resurfacing (BHR) device consists of a socket in the shape of a shallow cup and a cap in the form of a ball head. The cup replaces the damaged surface of your hip socket. The cap covers the ball-shaped bone at the top of your thigh and has a small stem that is inserted into the top of your thighbone.


What Is the Purpose of Birmingham Hip Resurfacing?

For younger, more active patients with hip joint pain, the BHR procedure has restored them to their active lives while allowing them to keep more of their original bone.

The BHR System is intended for patients who, due to their relatively young age or increased activity level, may not be ideal candidates for traditional total hip replacement. 


What Are the Benefits of Birmingham Hip Resurfacing?

When thinking about the benefits of the BHR device, you should compare the possible risks and benefits of the device to the risks and benefits of other types of artificial hip replacement devices. Your doctor will need complete information about your overall health to determine whether BHR is right for you.


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