Fitness & Performance Center—Personalized Training from the Health & Fitness Experts at Gwinnett Medical Center

At GMC’s Fitness & Performance Center, our experts provide comprehensive fitness assessments and customized personal training.

Since not everyone has the same fitness level and goals, our experienced and dedicated personal trainers design unique exercise programs tailored to your individual needs.

Fitness Assessment

Your comprehensive assessment will include baseline measurements for resting heart rate, blood pressure, cardiorespiratory fitness, muscular endurance, body composition and Functional Movement Screen.

The Functional Movement Screen allows our experts to observe weaknesses, imbalances and joint limitations that can lead to chronic pain and injury. This tool provides a hierarchy of needs to address and ensure that your exercise program progresses safely and effectively.

Personal Fitness Training

Personal training at the Fitness & Performance Center is provided by licensed professionals who are experts in the fields of health and fitness. We provide one-on-one personal training sessions, as well as buddy training.


Cost of Fitness and Training Sessions at GMC

Fitness Assessment

  • $55

Personal Fitness Training Sessions (Individual)

  • $40 for 30-minute sessions
  • $55 for 45-minute sessions
  • $65 for 60-minute sessions

Personal Fitness Training Sessions (Package Deals)

  • $456 for 12 30-minute sessions ($38 per session)
  • $627 for 12 45-minute sessions ($52.25 per session)
  • $741 for 12 60-minute sessions ($61.75 per session)

Buddy Fitness Training Sessions

  • $1,003.20 for 12 45-minute sessions ($41.80 per client, per session) 
  • $104 for 60-minute sessions ($52 per client, per session)
  • $1,185.60 for 12 60-minute sessions ($49.40 per client, per session)

*All personal training clients are required to first complete a 45-minute fitness assessment.

To learn more about our Fitness Assessments and Personal Fitness Training offerings, or to schedule an appointment, call 678-312-7880.