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NICU Preemie Graduate Reunion

Dedicated to Healing, Supporting You, and Your Sick Little One.

By the time your baby has been discharged from the Circelli Family Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), our staff has developed a very special relationship with you and your baby. That is why we hold an Annual NICU Graduate Reunion.

This event brings back our special preemie patients and families year after year so we can watch them grow and thrive. We hope you won’t need our NICU services for a premature baby. But, if you do, know that at Gwinnett Medical Center, we not only care for your babies during their stay, but also care about them for the rest of their lives.

Below are some pictures from our last Graduate Reunion.

Preemie reunion partyNICU preemie graduates reunite

NICU preemie graduates with firemen












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