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Circelli Family Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

Baby receiving NICU servicesThe Circelli Family NICU at the Gwinnett Women’s Pavilion is dedicated to healing and supporting you and your little one. And sometimes, those little ones need extra care. 

At the Circelli Family NICU in the Gwinnett Women’s Pavilion, you are sure to find the most complete, compassionate, customized care possible for our tiniest patients. The extensive care we provide is offered every step of the process, extending beyond a newborn’s time in the NICU. In fact, we offer services and resources throughout their entire healing journey. Here are some of the life-saving services and resources we offer:

Level III NICU Facility

As a level III NICU, we can provide care for the sickest of our little patients. We provide specialized therapies, ventilation, and head and body cooling for babies born with a birth trauma.

Collaborative and Compassionate Team of Specialists and Providers

We have a collaborative team of specialists to ensure that each patient receives the individualized care they need. Our experts include: board-certified neonatologists (pediatricians who have received further training to care for sick newborns), nurse practitioners (specialized masters and doctorate-prepared nurses), clinical nurse specialist, neonatal nurses, respiratory therapists, social workers and physical therapists.

Our team also works in collaboration with pediatric cardiologists, pediatric neurologists, pediatric neurosurgeons and pediatric surgeons to care for your baby. This collaboration makes for excellent monitoring, diagnosis of problems and support of vital functions beyond that available in a general pediatric unit. It also allows for the overwhelming majority of sick newborns born in this part of greater Atlanta and Gwinnett County to receive state-of-the-art care close to where their parents live.

Dedicated NICU Transport Team & NICU Ambulance

Our dedicated transport team moves critically ill babies from smaller community hospitals unable to provide the specialized care to our NICU. Our dedicated NICU ambulance allows this team to transport these tiny patients as quickly and as safely as possible, without compromising care and treatment.

Body Cooling Therapies to Prevent Brain Injuries

Induced Hypothermia Therapy, or cooling therapy, is essential for infants who suffer brain injury and birth trauma. This technology works to cool the body temperature to prevent brain injury/death until the baby is stabilized. This type of therapy must be started within six hours of birth injury to be effective. Cooling therapy increases our tiny patients’ chances for favorable outcomes.

Here at the Circelli Family NICU, we’ve been using head cooling treatment therapy for nearly a decade. But a new technology called Tecotherm Neo gives our expert care providers the ability to cool the entire body at once. This new technology allows our team to administer therapy much sooner than before, including during transport from other area hospitals. Initiating therapy earlier in the process increases the chances for success and improves outcomes.

State-of-The-Art X-ray Technology

Providing care for our tiniest patients requires the use of x-rays and other life-saving diagnostic technology. That's why, as part of the Next Generation Campaign, members of our GMC Foundation worked to bring the Carestream DRX-Revolution X-ray machine to our NICU. This state-of-the-art technology allows for a gentler imaging process. "Our tiniest patients may receive an x-ray every day, during the most critical portion of their stay," says Leslie D. Leigh, MD, GMC-affiliated neonatologist. "This machine allows for a more patient-centric approach in caring for this delicate population."

Features include: 

  • Instant tube and line visualization placement software
  • Fifty percent less radiation, lowering exposure to radiation-induced cancers
  • Wireless connectivity and digital imagery
  • Internal archive system featuring prior patient images for reference
  • Ability to fit under baby incubators, eliminating the need to remove attached wires and tubes 

The Support You Need

We utilize beads of courage for all of our NICU patients. This is a special program that honors the milestones achieved during a patient’s unique journey. We are proud to have been the first hospital to offer this therapeutic program to preemie families.

Because a NICU admission can be an extremely stressful situation for families, we offer a special support group for mother’s to discuss the challenges of the NICU admission. Mothers who have already had their babies graduate from the NICU can also attend. Our chaplain and social worker are amazing at helping NICU mothers during any difficult times.

Often times, families of NICU babies build lasting relationships with their baby’s care team over the course of their stay in the Circelli Family NICU. And those staff members care deeply about their little patients and family. To honor this special bond even after they’re out of the NICU, we hold an annual NICU graduate reunion to honor the former preemie patients and their families.

While we hope that every birth experience is not only a special one, but a healthy one, we are prepared to provide compassionate care to critically ill and/or premature newborns. Our dedicated specialists, advanced technology and proven treatment methods, will ensure that you and your baby are in the best hands possible throughout your entire pregnancy journey. Sometimes things do not go exactly as planned. Should this happen, it is important to know that your newborn will be in the best hands possible, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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