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Labor and Delivery Unit

Specialized Labor and Delivery Care for Mothers and Newborns

Pregnant woman preparing to deliverWhile you’re at Gwinnett Medical Center, we want you to feel at home. That’s why each of our 19 private birthing suites has a warm, comfortable and calming feel. Each suite also features the latest technology, birthing balls and Jacuzzi® tubs. The Gwinnett Women’s Pavilion was designed for parents and families to enjoy a highly personalized birth experience and have peace of mind. We also have eight triage rooms and three dedicated surgical suites.

Many of the OB/GYNs who deliver at Gwinnett Women’s Pavilion offer the option to have a vaginal birth after a prior Cesarean birth (VBAC). The decision to have a VBAC or a repeat Cesarean birth is a personal choice that is made between each woman and her OB/GYN. If you are interested in the option of a VBAC, discuss it with your physician as early as possible, even before you become pregnant. If you and your physician decide that VBAC is an option for you, you can feel confident knowing that all the necessary safety features are available.

Our Cesarean birthing suites are located within Labor and Delivery, and anesthesia is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We are proud to offer a safe, welcoming environment for women who desire a VBAC or opt for another cesarean delivery.

Adoption and Surrogacy

At Gwinnett Women’s Pavilion, our goal is to provide compassionate care for all families. We value the diversity of our community and provide care to families planning an adoption or surrogacy.

Our associates will work with you and any intended parents to make your birth experience what you desire it to be. We have the experience to handle these births in a sensitive and confidential manner. Our Social Services department will meet with you to determine how best to meet your expectations.

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