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Expert Care to Nurture Your Newest Relationship

Gwinnett Medical Center and the Gwinnett Women's Pavilion are dedicated to providing precious beginnings. The health of you and your new baby is our top priority. That’s why we worked to achieve designation as a Baby-Friendly® hospital.  

As a Baby-Friendly® facility, we are committed to fostering and nurturing a positive breastfeeding environment and experience right from the start. Through education, support and assistance, we work to ensure breastfeeding success for all.

What does it mean to be Baby-Friendly?

As part of the global Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative, the World Health Organization and the United Nations Children’s Fund recognize hospitals that offer and support an optimal level of care for mother/baby bonding and infant feeding. To earn this special designation, hospitals must successfully implement Baby-Friendly criteria. This includes encouraging breastfeeding and rooming-in as a first choice for new moms because of the benefits both practices offer.

What are the benefits of Baby-Friendly?

In addition to supporting your birth plan and providing comprehensive care for the unique needs of your family, baby-friendly facilities are focused on creating a supportive breastfeeding environment and promoting rooming-in.

Breastfeeding can provide several benefits, including: lower rates of diabetes, asthma, allergies, sudden infant death syndrome and many other health conditions. Additionally, rooming-in has been shown to nurture mother/baby bonding, promote sound sleep for both mother and baby, as well as help mothers learn about their baby’s hunger cues.

Is Baby-Friendly right for you?

The Gwinnett Women’s Pavilion has always been dedicated to providing compassionate, comprehensive care at every step of the birthing process. From the moment you enter the Gwinnett Women’s Pavilion, the physicians, nurses and staff are there to ensure the health of both you and your baby.

Once you deliver your baby, our knowledgeable specialists will be readily available to help you navigate feeding, bathing and changing your baby. This starts with rooming-in for mom and baby to nurture your bond and encourage learning about your baby’s cues. Additionally, specially-trained nurses and international board-certified lactation consultants provide the support and resources you need to make your breastfeeding journey a success.

Even after you leave the Gwinnett Women’s Pavilion, our dedication and care for you and your baby doesn’t stop. We offer educational resources, support groups and classes to help both before and after delivery.

Contact Us to Learn More

To learn more about our lactation services, contact our Lactation Help Line at 678-312-4743. For more information about the Baby-Friendly designation, visit Baby-Friendly USA, Inc