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Breast Pump Rental

As a new mom, there are multiple things you will need: diapers, formula, patience, etc. One of the other things you may need is a breast pump.

Breast pumps allow moms to store milk for babies who are premature or too sick to breastfeed. For your convenience, you can rent a breast pump at the Patient Access desk at Gwinnett Women's Pavilion. Rental options are as follows:

  • 7 days - $25 plus tax
  • 30 days - $69 plus tax
  • 90 days - $200 plus tax
  • A $20 refundable deposit is due at the time of the initial rental.
  • Breast Pump Kit is not included in the Pump Rental.  Please remember to bring your kit home if you pump during your stay or the kit can be purchased when you rent the pump.
  • It is not necessary to reserve a pump in advance.

For more information regarding breast pumps, call 678-312-3600.