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Robotic Thoracic Procedures

Thoracic Conditions
Thoracic conditions refer to any disorder or disease that affects organs and tissues in your chest cavity. One of the most common thoracic diseases is lung cancer. If you’ve been diagnosed with lung cancer, your doctor will recommend treatment and surgical options based on the stage of the cancer and your overall health.

Thoracic (Chest) Surgery
Thoracic surgery refers to any type of surgery performed
on organs and tissues in your chest cavity, such as your lungs. When medication or other treatments are not effective, your doctor may recommend surgery.

Thoracic surgery can be performed using open surgery or minimally invasive surgery.

Open Surgery
With traditional open surgery, doctors make a long chest incision, known as thoracotomy. In some cases, the surgeon may have to cut through your breastbone and spread your ribs. The incision and opening must be large enough for your surgeon to fit his or her hands and instruments inside your chest.

Minimally Invasive Surgery
When surgery is recommended on lungs, esophagus or other organs in the thorax (chest), minimally invasive surgery may be an option.

With thoracoscopy (also called video-assisted thoracic surgery), doctors insert a tiny camera (thoracoscope) and surgical instruments into your chest through small incisions. The camera takes images inside your body and sends them to a video monitor in the operating room to guide surgeons as they operate.

da Vinci® Surgery
A new, minimally invasive approach to thoracic surgery combines the advantages of conventional open surgery and minimally invasive surgery—but with far fewer drawbacks of either.

Robotic thoracic surgery is becoming the treatment of choice for many surgeons worldwide. It is performed using the da Vinci Robot, which enables surgeons to perform surgical procedures with unmatched precision, dexterity and control. With the da Vinci Robot, the surgeon makes a few small incisions instead of a large chest incision.

Watch the da Vinci System demonstrate its precision by folding origami.

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