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Every year, Gwinnett Medical Center treats thousands of patients—each with his or her own unique set of needs. Our staff is dedicated to not only meeting each person’s needs but also to going above and beyond what is expected from a hospital. We take pride in our level of service, technology and caring.

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To whom it may concern:

This email is regarding my hospital stay at Gwinnett Medical Center–Duluth. I especially want to give special thanks to Dr. Nathan Mordel and all the nurses who assisted me from the time I checked in until I checked out. Everyone was very nice, thorough and diligent in their efforts to assist Dr. Mordel in carrying out the procedure and following up with the doctor's care orders. The staff was excellent!

Initially my surgery was scheduled as an outpatient surgery, but I ran a fever after the surgery and had to remain in the hospital overnight. During my overnight stay, the nurses came in under doctor's care orders and followed through with checking my temperature, giving me medication as needed, providing me with food and drink and getting me up to walk too. All these things helped me significantly to manage the pain and exit the hospital in good health the next day.

I truly appreciated the staff that night, who adhered to all my needs. I would highly recommend surgery at Gwinnett Medical Center to family members and friends because I received the best of care there.

Thank you Dr. Nathan Mordel and Gwinnett Medical Center–Duluth staff and nurses for your excellent work!!

T. Jordan, a patient of Nathan Mordel, MD