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Nasal Deformities

Nasal deformities can vary in severity and can occur because of several different factors. Most can be treated with the help of a rhinoplasty, although you should consult Sinus Solutions at Gwinnett Medical Center for the best course of action.

Here’s how most nasal deformities can occur:

  • Traumatic: Nasal fractures or soft tissue injury/loss that compromise the structural architecture by displacing the nasal bones or cartilaginous framework up against the internal anatomy of the nose: septum, turbinates and nasal valve (the narrowest area of the nasal cavity just inside the nostril). This is the most common nasal deformity and is often caused by fights, athletic injuries, accidents, etc.
  • Familial or ethnic: Certain nationalities have smaller structures such as the nasal cartilages, less prominent nasal bones, a ptotic (drooping) nasal tip, etc., which may structurally compromise the front part of the nasal airway/nasal valve.
  • Spontaneous or reactive: Either external (cysts, healed scars, etc.), rhinophyma or sebaceous gland hypertrophy in the skin associated with certain familial traits or excess alcohol consumption can cause nasal deformities.
  • Neoplastic: Defects resulting from surgery for the treatment of cancers.

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