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Pulmonary Rehab

Breathe easier. Pulmonary wellness is a proven and important part of good comprehensive care for people with chronic lung disease. Gwinnett Medical Center’s Pulmonary Wellness Program is a complete program of pulmonary rehabilitation designed to reduce the frequency and length of hospitalizations for people with chronic pulmonary disease.

Elements of the program include:

Physical reconditioning, maintenance and exercise therapy:

  • An individualized exercise program is designed to increase stamina and strength.
  • Sessions are medically supervised with oxygen available if needed.
  • State-of-the-art testing and exercise equipment includes cardiopulmonary exercise stress testing devices, treadmills, exercise bicycles and tools for upper body strengthening.
  • Sessions are held Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Includes information about:

  • Lung anatomy and lung disease
  • Breathing retraining
  • Medications
  • Respiratory treatments and equipment
  • Energy conservation
  • Diet and nutrition
  • Sexuality relaxation
  • Health management
  • Complementary therapies

Goals of the Pulmonary Wellness Program: 

  • Improve the quality of your life.
  • Increase your physical endurance.
  • Teach skills to better cope with and control shortness of breath.
  • Educate you and your family about your pulmonary condition.

Each phase of the Pulmonary Wellness Program requires a physician’s prescription/order.

The Pulmonary Wellness Program consists of three separate phases:

Phase I—Program Content:
Available on an inpatient or outpatient basis. Completed in one session.

  • Lung anatomy and physiology
  • Medications
  • Lung disease pathophysiology
  • Respiratory treatments and equipment
  • Breathing retraining
  • General nutrition

Phase II—Program Content:
Available on an outpatient basis only. Completed in several sessions. 

  • Phase I review
  • Diet and nutrition
  • Energy conservation
  • Intimacy
  • Physical reconditioning
  • Health management
  • Relaxation
  • Coping skills

Phase III—Program Content:
Available on an outpatient basis only. No set session limit. 

  • Physical maintenance and exercise therapy

Certified by the American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation (AACVPR).

To learn more about the Pulmonary Wellness Program, or to schedule an appointment, call 678-312-3692.

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