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The Glancy Rehab Team

Your rehabilitation team includes a wide range of professionals specializing in rehabilitation medicine who are trained to work closely with you and your family to further your recovery. Your care will be coordinated by the medical director and discussed frequently at team meetings and family trainings that are designed to maximize family involvement.

Medical Director
A physician who specializes in rehabilitation medicine (physiatrist) will provide medical management and coordinate your rehabilitation program provided by the treatment team.

The nursing staff will help you practice the skills you learn in therapy. Each day, you will be in contact with many nurses who are responsible for planning your nursing care and helping you to improve your independence and self-care.

Physical Therapist
The physical therapist will help you develop strength, endurance and coordination to improve your function. You will work with the physical therapist to become more independent with bed mobility, wheelchair mobility and, when appropriate, walking.

Occupational Therapist
The occupational therapist works to coordinate your physical and mental abilities with daily life skills, such as bathing, dressing and food preparation. The therapist will teach you special skills and, if needed, introduce you to adaptive equipment to allow you to be as independent as possible in your self-care.

Speech-Language Pathologist
The speech-language pathologist evaluates, diagnoses and treats communication, swallowing, thinking and hearing skills. Difficulties in these areas can affect other areas of your rehabilitation. Our speech-language pathologists can help you improve your abilities by teaching you new techniques and strategies.

Therapeutic Recreation Specialist
The therapeutic recreation specialists will teach you how to have an active leisure lifestyle. They will address your physical, social and emotional needs through past leisure interests, or teach you new leisure skills and adapt them to your present level of functioning.

Case Manager
Your case manager will help you and your family cope with the recovery process as well as understand your rehabilitation program. The case manager serves as your liaison among your team of treatment professionals, your family, your insurance carrier and resources in the community.

Nutrition Specialist
The nutrition specialist will evaluate your nutritional needs and develop your meal plan. Maintaining proper nutrition is a very important part of the recovery process.

Our chaplain can provide you with the spiritual support and guidance you and your family may need to facilitate your recovery during your stay at Glancy Rehabilitation Center.

The neuropsychologist may contribute to your rehabilitation program by concentrating on your psychological needs. Through psychological testing and counseling, you and your family will better understand the type of injury you have sustained. As you continue through your recovery at Glancy Rehabilitation Center, this professional may be working with you in the area of thinking and behavioral retraining.

Respiratory Therapist
Respiratory therapists evaluate, treat and care for people with breathing problems. They use oxygen, medications and mechanical measures, such as chest percussion, ventilators and other devices, to help you breathe more effectively.