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Family Participation & Training

At Glancy Rehabilitation Center, we believe that active family participation in rehabilitation is critical to each patient’s recovery. Family members are considered an essential part of the rehabilitation team.

Family members’ role in your rehab includes, but is not limited to:

  • Providing information to other team members about your lifestyle, preferences, medical history and personality.
  • Encouraging you to participate fully in therapeutic activities and to remain motivated.
  • Assisting other team members in providing emotional support and helping you adjust to any necessary life changes resulting from your accident or illness.
  • Observing therapies to learn more about your abilities and needs.
  • Encouraging and assisting you in incorporating techniques learned during therapy into your daily routine.
  • Participating in family training and education as well as family conferences with other team members.
  • Participating in discharge planning so you can make the smoothest possible transition from Glancy Rehabilitation Center into the community.

Family Training
A case manager will schedule family training upon admission. This is an opportunity for a family member or primary caregiver to have hands-on training time with each therapist. After training, your family member can safely assist you in your room at Glancy Rehabilitation Center and, later, at home.

Part of the training you will receive is car transfers. This involves learning how to get into and out of a car. When your family member comes for family training, remind him or her to bring the car you will be using to go home. A jacket or heavy sweater will be needed for transfer training in cooler weather.

To prepare for your Family Training session, check out our list of Commonly Asked Family Training Questions.