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Procedures and Patient Education

At the Gwinnett Medical Center Pain Management Center, nothing is more important to us than making our patients as comfortable as possible. That’s why we offer leading-edge techniques and procedures designed to combat pain.

Procedure Spotlight

Radiofrequency Neuroablation
This technique uses thermal energy to selectively destroy specific sensory nerves involved in the transmission of pain. Most commonly, the small nerves to the zygapophysial joints (between the vertebrae) are subjected to this procedure.

It may also be used to treat the splanchnic nerves for abdominal pain and the sympathetic nerves in the neck and back for complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) of the arms or legs.

Because the procedure actually damages the nerves, the physician must take great care in placing the needles. Each needle is tested with two different electrical stimulations to assure that no other nerves are exposed to the thermal lesion. When performed properly and selectively, this can be a very safe and effective pain relief technique.

Sacroiliac Joint Injection
The sacroiliac joints, or SI joints, exist on both sides of the lower back, joining the spine to the pelvis. These joints are injected with a local anesthetic and a steroid under X-ray guidance. Injections may be repeated multiple times to effect long-term relief.

Other procedures include:

Patient Education

Want to know more about pain management and how you can cope with pain at home? View the patient information sheet that relates to you.

Learn more about these procedures and how we’re transforming healthcare. Also, you can find a physician for more information.

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