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Basic Medication Instructions

Most pain management programs provided by Gwinnett Medical Center include medication. While you should always follow your doctor’s instructions, note these basic guidelines when taking medication:

  • Add or change one medicine at a time.
  • Start with lower doses and increase slowly.
  • Start taking a new medication when you don't have to do anything potentially dangerous such as driving a car.
  • Assume any new symptom is from a recently started medication, stop the medication and call your prescribing doctor.
  • Know the more common side effects of the medications (for example, sedation, fatigue, constipation, nausea, rash, swelling, anxiety, insomnia).
  • Keep a medication list with you. Know the names and what they are for.
  • Create a pain regimen with choices from the following categories:  acetaminophen, NSAID, LA opioid, breakthrough opioid, antidepressant, antineuropathic, muscle relaxant, antifatigue and anti-constipation.
  • Buy a pillbox and fill it at the beginning of the day with just your daily pill needs.
  • Keep all of your medications in a safe place with any future prescriptions.

Please contact your doctor if you have any questions or concerns about your medication. Or if you’re ready to see how we’re Transforming Healthcare, find a physician.

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