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Back Pain Frequently Asked Questions


Can I just wait and see if my back pain gets better on its own?

Yes you can. Many back pain issues will heal in time. But if it doesn’t start getting better within a few days, or if it’s a pain that keeps recurring again and again, it’s advisable to seek a back pain professional diagnosis.

I really don’t want surgery. Are there alternatives for treating back pain?

Yes, there are many non-surgical alternatives for treating back pain. The clinical experts at the Back Pain Center in metro-Atlanta will always consider a conservative non-surgical approach as the first option, such as physical therapy or medication. But in cases where the structure of the spine has been damaged by injury or disease, surgery may be the right option. 

Does diagnosing back pain usually require an MRI?

No, an MRI is often not needed. A simple X-ray will provide good diagnostic information. Sometimes the spine experts at the Back Pain Center can diagnose issues just by examining the patient and asking questions. But if imaging is required, the complete spectrum of technology is readily available at Gwinnett Medical Center.

A physician referral is not needed, but please verify that your insurance is accepted. 


What happens when I come to the Back Pain Center?

During your first visit, a physician’s assistant (or sometimes a doctor) will evaluate your situation and decide if X-rays or other diagnostic procedures are needed. The goal is to determine, within 48 hours or less, the nature of your back pain and what treatment could relieve the pain. If the physician’s assistant feels you need to see a doctor during your first visit, one will be brought in immediately, if available.

What insurance is accepted at the Back Pain Center?

View a complete list of insurances we accept. There are also options for self-pay.

Do I need a referral to come to the Back Pain Center?

No. At the Back Pain Center, we do not require a physician referral, but your insurance provider may require a referral. We accept walk-ins without an appointment, but there may be a wait. Appointments are strongly encouraged.


To make an appointment 24 hours a day, call 678-312-2002.