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Lab Outreach Program

Gwinnett Medical Center offers a full Laboratory/Pathology Outreach Program which services physician offices, home health agencies, nursing homes, Health Departments and other laboratories. We offer specimen pick-up, phlebotomy supplies, report delivery 5 days a week and an Outreach Help Center/Liaison. We can bill Medicare, Medicaid and most 3rd party insurances or set-up client billing for you as well.

Advantages of using GMC's Outreach Laboratory

  • Continuity of Care: We provide the MD and patients with a continuum of care from office to outpatient, inpatient and discharged care.
  • Faster Results: We provide quicker turn-around times compared to our competitors. No STAT charge for testing.
  • Comprehensive Testing: We offer testing that our competitors do not:  Semen analysis, bleeding times, 24-hour urines and fetal fibronectin.
  • Convenience: We provide a courier that can deliver reports to offices or reports can be faxed. GMC MD's can access results via the Physician Portal.
  • Availability: We offer Pathology consultation 24 hours a day.
  • Commitment: We have a long term commitment to the community having provided medical services for over 60 years.
  • Service: We have one lab liaison who is empowered to resolve your concerns or questions.

To contact the Lab Outreach Liaison for more information about the Outreach Program, please call 678-312-4513 or submit your email address below.  

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