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Needle Biopsy

A needle biopsy is a medical test performed by interventional radiologists to identify the cause of a lump, mass or other abnormal condition in the body. During a biopsy, the doctor inserts a small needle into the abnormal area using an X-ray or other imaging technique for guidance. A sample of tissue is removed and given to a pathologist, who looks at it under a microscope to determine what the cause of the abnormality is, such as cancer, benign (noncancerous) tumor, infection or scar.

What to Expect

Prior to appointments, patients are asked to come in for routine lab work. It is preferred that patients have their lab work performed at the hospital so the radiology nurses have access to the results. Our radiology nurses call each patient shortly after the procedure is scheduled to obtain a health history and provide instructions.

For most interventional radiology exams, patients need to arrive in admissions two hours before their scheduled procedure time on the day of the exam. Patients will check in at admissions before being taken to the Imaging Nursing Unit, where an interventional radiologist will come to talk with the patient before the procedure. The patient will then be prepped for the exam and taken to the Interventional Radiology Suite for the procedure. Following the procedure, the patient will return to the Imaging Nursing Unit for recovery. The recovery time varies based on the procedure. After the patient is then discharged, he or she will receive a follow-up call the next day.

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