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Running Clinic

Every runner has a unique gait and stride length, body type and level of flexibility. For this reason, runners need individual solutions—whether in getting them back from injury or simply to improve their performance. That’s why Gwinnett Medical Center’s Running and Fitness Clinic gives each patient a personalized assessment and training plan. Personal training sessions are available to promote a strong core, increase flexibility, and implement good running biomechanics. Our goal is to keep you running longer and stronger.

Running Gait Analysis

Whether you are a new or seasoned runner, we can help improve your performance, reach a personal record and prevent injury. Your assessment includes:

  • A video analysis of your running gait
  • Dynamic strength testing
  • Written interpretation of problem areas
  • Copy of your video
  • Recommendations for reducing injury or correcting biomechanical problems


$150 for gait assessment only
$300 for gait assessment and 3 follow-up training sessions (45 min. each)
Follow-up one-on-one training sessions are available for $55 (45 min.) or $40 (30 min.)

Running Rehabilitation

Have you been sidelined from running due to an injury? A physical therapist will evaluate and treat your injury with the ultimate goals of returning you to running and decreasing the risk for further injury. Using a variety of tools and exercises, your program will be tailored to your specific problem areas and injury. A video analysis of your running gait may be performed.

-    Cost: Usually covered by insurance with a physician referral

Click here for a downloadable flier about Gwinnett Medical Center’s Running and Fitness Clinic. Or call Becky Thompson, PT, CSCS, Cert MDT at 678-312-7880.