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Bravo pH Study Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: How long does the Bravo test take?
Answer: The capsule takes only minutes to place in the esophagus. The recording lasts 48 hours.

Question: Will the Bravo test restrict my diet and activities?
Answer: The test is catheter free and the receiver is small, so you may eat normally and go about your daily routine.

Question: What happens when the test is complete?
Answer: You will return the diary and receiver to the nurse at the hospital. The test data are uploaded to a computer and analyzed by your doctor. Your physician will inform you of your results.

Question: What happens to the capsule after the test?
Answer: The capsule naturally falls off, passes through your digestive tract and is eliminated from the body.

Question: Can I have an MRI during the test?
Answer: No, patients are restricted from having an MRI within 30 days of the BRAVO procedure.

Question: Will I feel the capsule during the test?
Answer: Some patients say they have a sensation that something is in their esophagus. Some patients say they feel the capsule when they eat or when food passes the capsule. Should you experience this, chewing food carefully and drinking liquids may minimize this sensation.