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Cindy Snyder, DNP, APNG, FNP-C

Nurse Practitioner and Advanced Practice Nurse

Dr. Cindy Snyder, DNP, APNG, FNP-C, is board certified as a Family Nurse Practitioner through the American Association of Nurse Practitioners and is the Nurse Practitioner/Advanced Practice Nurse in Genetics in the Cancer Genetics and Risk Assessment Program at the Cancer Institute at Gwinnett Medical Center. She specializes in cancer risk assessment/high risk management and testing for hereditary cancer syndromes with a focus on hereditary breast and ovarian cancer syndrome and Lynch Syndrome. She completed an intensive course in cancer risk assessment at the City of Hope National Medical Center’s Department of Clinical Cancer Genetics in 2006. Dr. Cindy Snyder received her Advanced Practice Nurse in Genetics (APNG) credential in 2011.