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Amy McEachin, BSN

Oncology Clinician 

Amy McEachin is the Oncology Clinician for the Gwinnett Health System. Her role is to train and educate associates on oncology related subjects across the campus and the three Center for Cancer Care locations. She keeps up with the latest in oncology care and shares that with the staff. She also helps and participates in community events related to oncology. She teaches the medical management session of the Cancer Transitions Class for cancer survivors. She has worked for Gwinnett Medical Center for 15 years.

Amy graduated from Georgia Baptist School of Nursing in 1990. She is currently in school to receive her BSN. Amy has been an Oncology Certified Nurse for 6 years and has been in oncology for 15 years. Amy is an active member of the Oncology Nursing Society Nationally and is an active member of the local chapter in Gwinnett County. She is also a member of the Association of Community Cancer Centers.