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Cancer Institute Resources and External Colorectal Cancer Resources Available

Through every stage of your health issues – from the identification of a suspicious polyp through diagnostic testing or colorectal cancer treatment and on to survivorship – our team at the Cancer Institute at Gwinnett Medical Center is here to help you every step of the way. We know our patients by name – you are not a number at Gwinnett Medical Center – and we know you will have questions and concerns about your cancer and your care. We’re going to help you find what you need in terms of cancer resources, including specific information about colorectal cancer, because knowledge empowers each of us to be better advocates and more proactive about our health and our care.


Wellness Support during Colorectal Treatments

Often team members go above and beyond getting you access to helpful information – we help you adapt these resources to your personal needs to fight cancer now and after your treatment for improved wellness. For any of your individual concerns during your cancer diagnosis, treatment or survivorship, we have a team of cancer specialists to support your specific needs, including the following areas of support toward wellness:

  • Eat well: Speak to our registered dietitian or attend our Nutrition and Cancer Support Group
  • Stay physically active: Improve your mood and fight fatigue with a walk or attend our Yoga Class
  • Remember to laugh: Humor can help you relax and fight the stress of any illness
  • Talk to others: Try a support group or online community to connect with others


Cancer Support Groups at Gwinnett Medical Center

We provide a range of supportive care through our Cancer Support Services, including nutritional support, at the Cancer Institute and offer numerous support groups such as:

  • Women’s Support Group
  • Men to Men Support Group
  • Grupo De Apoyo En La Lucha Contra El Cáncer Para Mujeres De Habla Hispana
  • Caregiver Support Group
  • Children’s Support Group


To register for any of the support groups available through the Cancer Institute at Gwinnett Medical Center, please call 678-312-3100.


Additional Resources for Colorectal Cancer Information

We hope you find the following GMC Health(e)Library links and external cancer websites helpful for colorectal cancer information:

Colorectal Cancer Risk Assessment

Colorectal Cancer Overview

Colorectal Cancer Diagnosis

Colorectal Cancer Stages

Frequently Asked Questions about Colorectal Cancer

Colon Cancer Alliance

The American Cancer Society

American Institute for Cancer Research

Online Communities and Support


Contact Us for More Information

For more information about colorectal cancer, visit our Health(e)Library or contact one of our team members at 678-312-3100 for questions or other helpful resources.


Early detection saves lives. To request a FREE colorectal cancer screening kit, complete our convenient online form or call 678-312-5000 and select option 1.