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Understanding Breast Cancer Screening Options

Gwinnett Medical Center’s Breast Program provides the education and resources necessary to be proactive about your breast health. As one of the most common cancers women face, a range of breast cancer screenings are readily available and should be scheduled routinely for the early detection of any issues. Everyone should be aware of their body so it is easier to notice any changes, pain or suspicious lumps. By doing a breast self-exam every month, you will be able to more quickly notice any cause of concern or changes.


All women should talk to their health care provider and determine the best screening plan for their individual needs, including regularly scheduled routine mammograms. Talk to your doctor about these screening guidelines that are recommended by leading national health organizations:

  • Consider annual mammograms between the age of 40-44, especially if at higher risk or with family history
  • Annual mammograms for those between the ages of 45 and 54
  • For women 55 and older, annual screening or consider every other year

Learn more about your risk of breast cancer by taking our free online breast health assessment.


Accredited Imaging Services at Gwinnett Medical Center

Accredited by the American College of Radiology (ACR), our board-certified team of radiologists provides imaging excellence for screening and diagnostic services at Gwinnett Medical Center. As the area’s most comprehensive imaging center, you will receive the most advanced digital imaging services, in centers focused on women and their preferences. 


Convenient Access to Advanced Imaging Services

Our beautiful imaging centers at the Gwinnett Breast Center in Lawrenceville and the Center for Women’s Diagnostic Imaging in Duluth provide a broad range of state-of-the-art imaging services, including:


Patient Focus on Care for Improved Access

Our patient-centered approach to care optimizes the process for mammogram call-back appointments. Patients requiring additional imaging studies receive a phone call from a scheduler within three business days of their screening exam. From abnormal mammogram through treatment and follow-up, our Breast Health Nurse Navigator facilitates each patient’s coordination of care. We know it’s hard to wait so we provide more immediate appointments such as:

  • Same day surgical consult coordination
  • On-site scheduling of follow-up appointments
  • Diagnostic nurse navigation services for improved communications
  • Follow-up imaging from an abnormal screening mammogram within five business days
  • Diagnostic imaging appointments for new findings – same or next day appointments
  • Breast clinic within three days of diagnosis


If a biopsy is recommended, patients have the added benefit of working with an Access Navigator. The Access Navigator is a member of the imaging team, who assists patients with appointments, ensuring that services are obtained in a timely manner. This process eases patient anxiety and reduces the confusion of negotiating through the multiple aspects of follow-up care.


For Questions about Screenings or Imaging Services

For more information about screening and diagnostic breast services at Gwinnett Medical Center, or if you just have a question, please call 678-312-3683.