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Helpful Information about Breast Cancer


At Gwinnett Medical Center, we have an entire team of breast health specialists to help you or your loved one through diagnosis, treatment, recovery - and on to survivorship. If you need additional information about breast cancer, please learn more through these additional resources:


Breast Cancer Overview: With a better understanding of breast cancer and the various types of breast cancer, this information will help our patients be more informed about various aspects of care.


Test Your Breast Cancer Knowledge: Do you know the primary risk factors that may lead to breast cancer? Take this easy online quiz about breast cancer to learn more about the many aspects of breast cancer.


Breast Cancer Risk Assessment: As the second most common diagnosed cancer in women, it is important to know your risks and be proactive about routine screenings. Early detection is the key to successful treatment and this assessment can help you identify if you have any of the risk factors for breast cancer.


Early Detection: Survival rates for breast cancer improve significantly with early detection. Find helpful information about screenings and the importance of routine breast self-exams and regularly scheduled clinical exams, mammograms and a Breast MRI, if necessary.


Breast Cancer FAQs: For a list of comprehensive questions about breast cancer, including detailed information about breast cancer screenings, treatment and prevention, view our frequently asked questions.


Breast Cancer Statistics: Learn more about breast cancer statistics and how greater awareness, including risk factors, can help both men and women be more proactive about their breast health.


Treatment Options: Understanding the various treatment options for breast cancer care will help patients have a more informed conversation with healthcare providers when determining the types of treatments that are best for individual needs and preferences.


Questions to Ask about Treatments: For more information about breast cancer treatments, view our questions about treatments, getting ready for treatment and coping after breast cancer treatment.


For more information about breast cancer, visit our Health(e)Library.


Contact Our Breast Nurse Navigator for Questions

If you have questions or concerns about a breast cancer diagnosis or treatment options, please contact our Cancer Institute’s Breast Health Nurse Navigator at 678-312-4010. We’re here to help you or your loved one through every step of care.