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Breast Cancer Awareness Quiz

Take the quiz below and then submit it for a chance to win a GMC prize pack! Winner will be chosen on November 2!

Breast Cancer Awareness Quiz

1. Early detection of breast cancer is the key to successful treatment.*

2. Older women are more likely develop breast cancer.*

3. More than half of breast lumps are cancerous.*

4. It's OK to use deodorant on the day you have a mammogram.*

5. Women who drink more than one alcoholic beverage a day increase their risk for breast cancer.*

6. The best time to examine your breast is two weeks after your period starts.*

7. Women who have their first child before age 30 and breastfeed for longer than six months are less likely to develop breast cancer.*

8. Smoking may increase your risk for breast cancer.*

9. Breast cancer can be treated by surgery, radiation and chemotherapy.*

10. Starting at age 30, women should have a mammogram every one or two years.*

11. A woman's chances of developing breast cancer are higher if her mother, sister, or daughter had it.*

12. It's safe for women to use hormone therapy for a prolonged time during menopause.*

13. Regular exercise can reduce your risk for breast cancer.*

14. Breast cancer is the leading cause of death in women ages 35 to 54.*

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