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Requesting Placement

Gwinnett Medical Center (GMC) accepts student placement requests throughout the year. An Affiliation Agreement is required for all student placements when the student will perform direct patient care or have direct contact with patients. Please refer to the Affiliation Agreement section below for more information.

All coordination of placement occurs through Linda Horst, our Learning Resources placement coordinator, the specific GMC department coordinator and the designated school coordinator.

Please select the appropriate request form below. 
Note: As of August 1, 2017 GMC will convert to using Acemapp Matching and Placement Center for all student placements and management. Presently Acemapp is being used only for Nursing Student Undergraduates placement and management. The below is in effect until August 1, 2017.

NURSING Student (Undergraduate) Placement Requests

All Undergraduate Nursing requests are to be placed and managed in ACEMAPP Matching and Placement Center. Submit your requests through ACEMAPP for each term by that term’s due date. You can expect a decision to be indicated in ACEMAPP by that term’s decision date as noted in the timeline below.  

If you have requests to make for a term whose due date has already passed, you can enter the request through ACEMAPP, but with the understanding that all requests entered prior to the due date will be considered first and you may not receive a decision by the standard decision date for that term.

If you need further information about ACEMAPP and placing requests please contact Rachel Bunnell, rachel.bunnell@mhc.org, 517-347-8093 at ACEMAPP.

Timeline: Undergraduate Nursing

Fall Term (rotations beginning August 15-December 31)

  • 5/30/2017: Requests due in ACEMAPP
  • 6/30/2017: Decisions will be indicated
  • 7/28/2017: Nursing Leadership Decisions will be indicated

Winter Term (rotations beginning January 1- April 30)

  • 9/29/2017: Requests due in ACEMAPP
  • 10/24/2017: Decisions will be indicated
  • 11/30/2017: Nursing Leadership Decisions will be indicated

Spring/Summer Term (rotations beginning May 1-August 14)

  • 2/1/2018: Requests due in ACEMAPP
  • 3/7/2018: Decisions will be indicated
  • 4/4/2018: Nursing Leadership Decisions will be indicated

NON-NURSING Student Placement Requests

Fill out the Request Form below and email it to e-mail Linda Horst.

ADVANCED PRACTICE Practitioner (APP) Student Placement Requests

The student completes the Clinical Process Form below and has the physician, who will supervise their APP preceptor, sign the form and then the student emails the completed and signed form to Linda Horst.

NOTE: Advanced Practice Practitioner students need to assure their Clinical Process Form is completed, signed by the supervising physician and emailed to lhorst@gwinnettmedicalcenter.org at least 60 days prior to projected start date. This will help facilitate that the necessary affiliation agreement is in place for the student’s expected start date (see Affiliation Agreement Section below).


When a request for placement is confirmed, Linda Horst will verify that an Affiliation Agreement (also referred to as a Memorandum of Understanding) between the school and Gwinnett Medical Center is required, and if required, assure it is present and current. 

If the agreement is required, but not present or current, you will be directed to contact Jennifer Brooks to begin the affiliation agreement process. Students may not start until required agreements are in place and all required signatures have been obtained.

Once student placement is confirmed and the Affiliation Agreement is in place as needed, the name or list of names of the student/s, along with the student/s orientation materials, are to be submitted by the school’s student coordinator to Linda Horst at least two weeks prior to the projected start date. Click to see Faculty Requirements and Student Orientation Requirements pages for detailed directions.

Step 2: Drug Screen and Complete Background Check Requirements

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