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Spirtual Care Links

The Association of Professional Chaplains (APC)
An interfaith professional association of providers of pastoral care. APC is endorsed by faith groups, to serve the needs of people during times of physical, spiritual or mental need in diverse settings throughout the world.

Care and Counseling Center of GA
A nonprofit, ecumenical organization offering counseling, pastoral care and education to individuals, couples, families and organizations.

Care and counseling is provided through the union of:

  • The Georgia Association for Pastoral Care
  • The Verdery Center for Pastoral Care and Counseling of the Georgia Baptist Health Care System

COMISS Network Pastoral Care Week
The Network on Ministry in Specialized Settings has been in existence since the 1970s. Although involved in national and international initiatives, the organization is not well known among chaplain and pastoral counseling professions. This article gives basic information about who the COMISS Network represents, its involvements and its current initiatives.

The Association for Clinical Pastoral Education
A multi-cultural, multi-faith organization devoted to providing education and improving the quality of ministry and pastoral care. Clinical pastoral education (CPE) began as a form of theological education that takes place in academic and clinical settings.