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10 Frequently Asked Questions about the Faith Community Network

Q: Is the network only for Christian denominations?
A: No. Any faith community may become a part of the network. We desire to reach and serve all faiths.

Q: Can anyone in the local community join the Faith Community Network?
A: Your church, synagogue or mosque must become a member of the network before you can join. Once
your faith community joins the network, registration events are held on site for its members.

Q: Is there a cost for me or my faith community to join?
A: There is never a cost for a faith community or its members to join.

Q: By joining, does this mean I can only go to a Gwinnett Medical Center facility?
A: Absolutely not. We hope you do make us your health care center of choice because we believe in our
mission but the network in no way limits you to Gwinnett Medical Center.

Q: What are some of the benefits of joining the Faith Community Network?
A: If you are ever hospitalized, you will be closely followed by our network navigator, a registered nurse
specialized in the field of Faith Community Nursing. As your network navigator, he or she will become part
of your care team in the hospital and will work closely with the nurses, doctors and social workers to make
sure you are supported in all that you need to heal and to stay well. He or she will also pray with you if you so
desire and spend time getting to know your story.

Your network navigator will remain engaged with your clergy and communicate your progress on a regular
basis. This way, you will have continued care once you are home. Your faith community can become a center
for wellbeing and wholeness by providing health and wellness educational programs as part of the network by
offering health screenings and support groups.

Q: How will the network navigator know that I am in the hospital? Is it my responsibility to let them know?
A: No. You never have to worry about trying to contact the navigator about your hospitalization. They are
notified automatically upon your admission.

Q: What if I don’t want my pastor or church to know that I am in the hospital?
A: We still want to ensure confidential patient care and will never notify your church without consent.

Q: Can I opt out at any time after I sign up?
A: Yes. This is a voluntary program. You may opt out at any time.

Q: Why is Gwinnett Medical Center doing this program?
A: Gwinnett Medical Center has been involved with our community for a long time. Through community
outreach, we strive to impact the overall health, safety and wellbeing of our community. Our employees live
and raise their children in this community. The Faith Community Network is an acknowledgment of how a
person’s faith and sense of belonging can have a positive effect on their health.

Q: What if my faith community isn’t one of the churches listed?
A: The network is continually growing. If you feel that this program would benefit your faith family, please
encourage your clergy to contact the Faith Community Nurse Navigator at GMC.