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Quality & Safety

Our number one mission is to provide quality health services to our community. The best way to meet our mission of bringing quality health services to the people we serve is to focus on quality and safety—every day and for every patient.

Delivering nationally recognized, quality health care, however, starts the moment a patient comes to Gwinnett Medical Center. From registration to discharge and at all points between, Gwinnett Medical Center continuously strives for quality and service excellence. Not only are we committed to Transforming Healthcare; we are committed to transforming the way you think of it.

One way we have received national recognition for quality is by maintaining The Joint Commission's accreditation. In addition, we conduct internal reviews and voluntarily submit data to industry groups and government agencies for the purpose of clinical benchmarking and quality evaluations.

The information provided in this website is offered to educate consumers about health care quality and patient safety and to provide a starting point for making informed decisions about health care options.

If you have any concern about the quality of care provided and that concern has not been resolved to your satisfaction, we encourage you to send your complaint to The Joint Commission by mail, fax or e-mail.

To read more about filing a complaint with The Joint Commission, click here.

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