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Patient Financial Assistance Policy and Application

Financial Assistance and Community Benefit Policy Overview

Gwinnett Medical Center’s (GMC) goal is to be the leading hospital in the region and to provide the highest quality care available. GMC is committed to making quality care available to all persons in need of vital health care regardless of their ability to pay. Financial assistance is offered to patients who are in need of medically necessary care and who are uninsured, under insured or otherwise unable to pay for their care. GMC provides information about its financial assistance program by posting and distributing information in the hospital’s Patient Registration areas, other public places throughout the hospitals, patient bills and its website.

GMC uses the published Federal Poverty Guidelines (FPG) to determine eligibility for financial assistance. These guidelines related to poverty levels are updated each year by the U.S. Federal Government. Patients with an annual household income at or below 125 percent of the Federal Poverty Income Level may qualify to receive free care. Patients with annual incomes over 125 and up to 300 percent of the Federal Poverty Income Level may receive discounted care depending on a sliding scale. Income, assets, debt and expenses will be considered as part of the approval process. It is important that patients complete the financial assessment application as requested and provide the documents showing the household/family income and other financial information.

To apply for financial assistance, an individual should complete a Financial Assessment Application which can be downloaded from our website at www.gwinnettmedicalcenter.org.  It is found under the tab named “Patients & Visitors.” The Financial Assistance Policy is also posted there.  These documents are in English, Spanish, Korean, Vietnamese, Bosnian, and Mandarin.

In addition, a free copy of the financial assessment application and the financial assistance policy can be mailed upon request by calling a Financial Counselor at 678-312-4406 or by emailing financialcounselor@gwinnettmedicalcenter.org. If assistance in completing the application is desired, individuals may contact the Financial Counselor as listed above to schedule an in-person visit. The Financial Counselor will set up an appointment to meet at Gwinnett Medical Center-Lawrenceville, Gwinnett Medical Center-Duluth or the GMC Resource Center, based on the individual’s preference. 

The financial assessment application also identifies what financial documents to mail in or bring to the Financial Counselor appointment. It is important to provide all documents that apply to the Family/Household Unit. One critical document is check stubs or an employer statement of earnings for the past three (3) months. The application and the website provide more detail about documents that are needed.

A patient considered eligible for financial assistance will not be charged more than the “Amounts Generally Billed” (AGB) for emergency or other medically necessary care.

Communication of the Financial Assistance Policy to Patients and the Public

Gwinnett Medical Center offers financial assistance for our patients in need. There are specific qualifications you must meet in order to qualify for financial assistance. Please click on the links below to print our policy.

Communication of the Financial Assistance Application to Patients and the Public

Gwinnett Medical Center makes the financial assistance application readily available to patients. To find out if you qualify for our financial assistance program, please complete and submit an application for financial assistance. The application is provided below in the following languages:

Contact Information

Financial Counselor
Phone: 678-312-4406
Email: financialcounselor@gwinnettmedicalcenter.org 

Gwinnett Medical Center
Attn: Financial Counselor
P.O. Box 348
Lawrenceville, GA 30046

Financial Advocacy Supervisor
Phone: 678-312-4160

Gwinnett Medical Center
Attn: Financial Advocacy Supervisor
P.O. Box 1190
Lawrenceville, GA 30046

Price Estimation Line: 678-312-4212 or email us at pricequote@gwinnettmedicalcenter.org.