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After Your Stay

We want to ensure your transition from Northside Hospital to your home is as smooth as possible. These are just a few of the measures we’ve put in place. After you leave, we encourage you to call us with any questions at 678-312-4321.
We want to see you get home as soon as possible. That’s why, from the minute you enter Northside Hospital, our team of doctors, specialists and nurses establish a plan of treatment. Throughout your stay, they discuss your progress and formulate a plan for your discharge.

Before your discharge, we will:

  • Explain any medications to you or your care provider, usually a family member.
  • Set any follow-up appointments, if necessary.
  • Arrange home care services.
  • Coordinate transfer to another facility, if you need it.
  • Forward information on your treatment and condition to your referring physician.

We ask that you make necessary transportation arrangements in advance to ensure a timely departure.

After your discharge, chances are you will have a prescription that needs to be filled. Make sure you locate your health insurance card prior to discharge.


For care provided at Gwinnett locations beginning August 28, patient bills and statements will be addressed from Northside Hospital, and payments will be made to the same. For care received at Gwinnett locations prior to August 28, patient bills will come from and be payable to Gwinnett Medical Center. 

If you are covered by health insurance, a claim will be submitted to your insurance provider.
If you are a member of a managed care plan, your plan may require that services be authorized by your primary care physician or by the plan. You may need a referral authorization in order to receive care at Northside Hospital.

You may also be responsible for a co-payment.

If you do not have health insurance, we will bill you directly. If paying your bill presents a serious financial hardship, please call us at 404-851-8021 or email us at financial.assistance@northside.com.

Need to pay your bill? For your convenience, we offer secure and easy-to-use online bill pay.

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