Gwinnett Medical Center’s Glancy Rehabilitation announces new treatment options

Gwinnett Medical Center’s (GMC) Glancy Rehabilitation Center recently announced the addition of a new treatment for patients—the Exoskeleton.  This new equipment allows therapists to perform gait training for patients with weakness and paralysis in their lower extremities. 

Glancy Rehabilitation is the first to offer this advanced technology locally, which allows people paralyzed below the waist to stand up and walk. 

“We are constantly seeking the best treatment solutions for our patients and through the Indego Therapy Exoskeleton, we can deliver the critical results our patients desire,” said Alison Freeman, therapy manager at Glancy Rehabilitation.  “Furthermore, because the equipment is customizable, we can quickly and effectively treat patients and monitor their improvements through software.”   

Recently, wearable robots have become more practical for patients. The unique device is very similar to an external skeleton and straps tightly around the torso.  Supports are strapped to the legs and extend from the hip to the knee and from the knee to the foot. The hip and knee joints are driven by computer-controlled electric motors powered by advanced batteries. Patients use the powered apparatus with walkers or forearm crutches to maintain their balance.

While the equipment has only been in use a short time, GMC therapists have noticed the remarkable results in patients. Freeman added that through this therapy, recovery times are dramatically reduced.  

As a donation from the GMC Foundation, Glancy will use the Exoskeleton to treat stroke patients, and patients with spinal cord and cerebrovascular accident injuries throughout North Georgia and metro Atlanta. Features include:

  • Unique adjustability and custom sizing, allowing patients to be fitted in under five minutes;
  • Comprehensive software suite, providing patient analytics and data used to improve patient treatment plans; and, 
  • A modular design, which decreases Exoskeleton set up and break down time between patients.

Currently, patients are treated using the Exoskeleton on a case-by-case basis. 

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