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Njoud Jweihan, MD

Medical School: American University of Integrative Sciences

Njoud moved to the United States with her family from Jordan. She lived in Columbus, Ohio for 11 years, where she completed her undergraduate studies at The Ohio State University and worked as a certified Arabic medical interpreter for the Arabic immigrant community.

Passionate about helping those in need, she spent time after graduation volunteering with international organizations including UNHCR and Save the Children. She attended medical school in St. Maarten, followed by clinical science education in Georgia. After spending two years in Atlanta and meeting her husband here, she decided to make Georgia her permanent home. During medical school, she was a teacher assistant for multiple courses and found a passion for teaching. She co-authored an article about the rare Chilaiditi Syndrome which was published in the AMSRJ Journal in 2018.

Njoud enjoys helping medical students as a tutor and mentor. She is working on a personal blog about her experience in medicine and a how-to guide for studying aimed to help other medical students succeed.

During her free time, she enjoys cooking and baking, volunteering, and visiting different parks with her husband and their dog.