Our Approach


Patient-Centered Medical Care

Patient-centered facilities focus on including the patient in their families in the decision-making process for treatment options. The Strickland Family Medicine Center has exam rooms specifically designed to be patient-centered. For example, to support collaboration with patients the medical staff’s computers in the patient rooms are angled off the wall for easier collaboration with patients about the information in their record. Active patient engagement is encouraged at every step.

The patient-centered approach to care places emphasis on:

  • Open Access– You can see the doctor when you are sick.
  • Safety– The Strickland Family Medicine Center is accredited by the Joint Commission. This accreditation reflects our commitment to meeting certain performance standards. The vision statement of the Joint Commission is for all people to always experience the safest, highest quality, best-value health care across all settings. The Joint Commission and hospital standard are higher than your typical clinic standard.
  • Quality–The Strickland Family Medicine Center is focused on providing patients with better quality care, not just more care.
  • Fewer Referrals– A reduction in referrals impacts the patient experience in a variety of ways. More care is provided by a primary team that knows the patient. Patients will also experience more convenience because the facility has the capability to do much testing on site.
  • Preventive care
  • Knowing the patient, the family, and the community

Clinical staff checks out each patient in the privacy of the patient’s exam room, eliminating the need for a separate check out area. This ensures that patients can get all relevant information about their case without someone else overhearing.

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