How to Get Started With Wellness 180



Virtual Visits

All of our locations remain open and we are continuing to see patients while following all CDC recommendations to help
prevent exposure and spread of COVID-19.

We now offer virtual visits, available with our physicians.

Wellness 180 is dedicated to helping middle school and high school aged youth (11-17 years of age) build long-term, sustainable and healthy lifestyle behaviors to address weight-related health issues. Our dedicated team of experts take a family-centered approach to ensure the greatest possible impact on the path to lasting wellness.

As a program participant, you and your child can expect a safe, comfortable and encouraging environment from a team of knowledgeable and experienced experts committed to helping your child:

  • Establish and maintain healthy and long-lasting habits
  • Achieve and maintain healthy weight loss
  • Develop a nutrition plan that promotes a healthy relationship with food
  • Establish a positive relationship with health and wellness
  • Improve sleep habits
  • Develop a physical activity plan

Take the First Step

The seminar will provide helpful information about the Wellness 180 program and how it can help you reach your healthy lifestyle goals. 

Register below to watch our online seminar and get started on your journey today.


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