After Gastric Bypass Bariatric Procedure

Virginia's Surgical Weight Loss Story

Virginia after gastric bypass weight loss surgery

Despite biological and physical risk and societal stigmas, I decided that bariatric surgery was the right choice for me. I chose to have bariatric surgery because I wanted to live to tell my story and encourage others. I was a juvenile diabetic who baffled doctors who thought I would never live past four years old.

As a teen and young adult the diabetes was dormant, but in my thirties, the disease became active. I tried everything to lose weight. I felt like a hamster on a spinning wheel. I got nowhere, each year adding pounds and medical diagnoses. Eventually, I was taking medications to control my high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes and arthritis. I became depressed and accepted my fate of a young death. There was no joy in my life.

I saw bariatric surgery as a tool to help me in decreasing caloric intake, thus leading to weight loss that would make physical activity possible. I researched my options, and chose gastric bypass. I am now free from medication, including injections and the insulin pump. I feel healthy and free. I have the tools that I need, and I have made permanent changes. The things that I have given up for a healthier life are all worth it, because I am living life to the fullest.


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