Quality of Life After Weight Loss Surgery

Shayne's Surgical Weight Loss Story

Shayne after bariatric weight loss surgery

What was the deciding factor in your weight loss surgery?

The deciding factor for my weight loss surgery was that I had grown sick of being sick all the time with such a diminished quality of life! Not being able to enjoy some of life's precious moments, like playing with my grandson, going out and doing things with my family, and coworkers because I did not feel good or had too little energy. After almost three years of learning, researching, talking to a Bari-Angels and folks at the center, it was time for a life and lifestyle change!

How has your life changed since surgery?

The life I live and love now is as different as day is to night! I am loving life and so many things life has to offer. My spirit is such that I had not known or felt in so many years; it is incredible! The enjoyment of getting up and looking forward to each day's activities such as running, working out at the gym, being engaged with folks while having a smile on my face and positive spirit is something new and welcomed, even helping my wife, Christy, with  day-to-day house work!

What motivates you to stay on track?

The immediate motivation to stay on track is a happy, healthy, positive and medication free lifestyle! I'm loving life and myself! How my life has changed since surgery is SO MUCH on top of everything else I have to occasionally pinch myself! Staying healthy, wearing clothes that fit and basically the same size as I was MANY years ago sure does feel great as well!

Please share some words of wisdom!

Wisdom, hummmmmmmm. Stop to take an honest internal assessment and have the courage to make positive change. Listen, listen and listen more to the doctors, nurses, nutritionists and all others at the center. They are there for us and some of our greatest cheerleaders, pouring their heart and soul into each one of us! Immerse yourself in all things support group, special classes, activities and events being an active member of the family—you and others around you will not recognize the new forever YOU.


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