After Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy Weight Loss Surgery

Mark's Surgical Weight Loss Story

Mark after vertical sleeve gastrectomy weight loss surgery

I have been on the heavy side all my life, but the big gains in weight occurred upon entering the work place with a desk-bound job. The pounds just kept adding up. And along with the pounds came type II diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and in time, bi-lateral knee replacements. On our 30th wedding anniversary I told my wife “We are half way there (to our 60th).” Her reply set me back. She said, “I’m worried you will not live that long.” I knew she was right. I tried many other options to lose and keep off the weight without much success. So I started researching Surgical Weight Loss at Gwinnett Medical Center. Trying the same old things and expecting different results was for me the height of insanity.

I had a vertical sleeve gastrectomy in November. As I write this in June, I’ve lost 80 pounds. I’m within 10 pounds of my original goal. My Type II diabetes is, in the words of my GP, “resolved”. I no longer take medicine for high cholesterol. I take half of my original BP medicine. I enjoy working out and have significantly more energy. I have not been at my current weight since college—several decades ago.

Recently on vacation I was able to take a 6-mile walk through the Cotswolds in the UK; a feat I was incapable of just a year ago. I’m looking forward to dancing at my daughter’s wedding in October, and I love the way I look in my new clothes. The surgery has given me, not only energy, but confidence.

Surgical Weight Loss for me was a tool—a critical tool. The rest of the story was the group of caring people surrounding me at Gwinnett Medical Center—Duluth. There is an extensive staff of dietitians, nurses, counselors and fellow patients who seem to be on call for me when I need advice or just to celebrate new milestones. I have been a part of the men’s support group since its founding and having a bunch of men to talk over the issues around weight and weight loss has been invaluable.

I would not call the process “easy”, but it has been straightforward. Each step of the way is mapped out with clear guidance and support to get to the “next step.” For me, it was a journey well worth taking. I know with the support of my new friends, family and the staff that it will be a permanent life change..


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