Weight Loss Stories with Medical Support

John's Surgical Weight Loss Story


I decided to have weight loss surgery when I realized that I would probably die within the next five years if I didn’t. And my two young grandchildren and my family meant too much to me to let that happen. I was in some kind of pain every day, from sore joints to problems with diabetes, exhaustion, trouble walking up stairs and struggling just getting dressed. I was tired of the daily grind of taking more than 13 pills, insulin shots and checking my blood sugar. Trying to tie my shoes, putting on socks and picking a penny off the floor became almost impossible for me. I had two heart attacks and had to wear a CPAP machine for 20 years. I was at the point where I couldn’t do the things I enjoyed doing because of being so fat. All of this was just part of the daily frustration that I battled. I was finally fed up with it.

My life has completely reversed since surgery. I can play almost all day with my grandkids. All of my previous daily physical problems have been resolved. Muscle and joint soreness, diabetes and daily feelings of exhaustion are all gone. High blood pressure and cholesterol are no longer a problem. No insulin shots. I’m taking only three pills a day. I no longer suffer from sleep apnea. I bet I could make a car payment with the money I saved on pills and food. The major change in my life is that I now know how to eat and it’s my choice.

My support group and the monthly meetings keep my focus on succeeding in my lifelong goal. At the meetings you get to see people just like you. It's humbling knowing there is no one in the meetings who hasn’t had the same problems that you are having or have had. This is what is different from the old bariatric procedure of just having surgery without long-term support.

Living a life of obesity is very hard. Trying to lose it is even harder! There is now an alternative for people who have not been successful trying other means of weight loss that is much safer than before. The alternative is living a life that you really don’t want—a life with more exhaustion, diabetes, heart attacks, gout, knee replacements and stress. Help is out there—don’t take too long to find it.


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