After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Fred's Surgical Weight Loss Story

Fred after gastric sleeve weight loss surgery

What was the deciding factor in choosing weight loss surgery?
I started looking about 10 years ago when the primary was bypass, it was just not for me, I like my plumbing! Then about 5 years ago I looked at the band but I figured out how to beat it while at the seminar so that was out. Then I woke up one day realized I was killing myself slowly and went to another seminar and learned about the sleeve. This was for me and I have never looked back. I chose our program because I felt the support would be a major success factor for me personally. 

How has your life changed since surgery?
There are things I cannot say here except parts of me are now visible. I am much more active and have tons of energy (Sometimes too much). I loved working in the yard and doing things around the house but I could not because of my weight and the issues that are tag along with obesity like no energy and difficulty breathing. I now work 12 hours a day in the yard and love it. We have totally re-landscaped our back yard; a two plus year plan in 8 months. I am having fun! 

What motivates you to stay on track?
A couple of things. First remembering how I was and how I felt. Second I enjoy all the energy and the things I used to avoid that I can do now. My friends I have made in the program also help hold me to task and provide great support. 

Please share some words of wisdom.
I have lost zero pounds as a result of the surgery. I lost weight because I made a decision to change my lifestyle and stuck to it! The surgery is the tool I am using to tell me to stay on track and when I fall off the cart. I get pains if I eat too much, too fast or the wrong things! This is what the surgery did for me. Could I have reached this weight without the surgery? I think so. Could I have kept it off? No way, not without the tools of the surgery, the support programs, the staff and my new friends who do not live to eat!


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