What Men Can Expect from Bariatric Surgery

While the majority of patients who undergo bariatric surgery are women, we realize that there are different needs for men. As a result, we have established several programs and services that cater only to the men. We offer the following:

  • Personal training just for men. We offer a fitness training class dedicated for men called "Man of Steel."  It includes 16 sessions broken down into four progressive quarters to build a strong and defined body tone with emphasis on the upper body.
  • Men's section in our clothing closet. We offer all sizes of shirts, pants and suits which are FREE to the taking! Save money on clothes while you are in the rapid weight loss phase.
  • Male "buddy." This is someone who can partner with you on the journey. At your request, we can assign you a "buddy" who has already been through the weight loss process and can help you with questions and offer guidance.
  • Additional program services are available for all patients and can be found here.


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