Men's Bariatric Surgery Testimonials

Our patients understand that success is a journey, not a destination—and in the lifelong battle against obesity, they are winning. With determination, help from bariatric surgery and a leading comprehensive aftercare program, our patients are reaching their goals, improving their health and changing their lives for good.

The people you see here are just a few of the success stories we’re proud to share with you. Hopefully their success will be as much of an inspiration to you as it to us.


I decided I wanted surgery when I had a stroke at work in 2011. At the age of 36, I was rushed to the hospital. I ended up staying for a week, but recovered from my stroke in just 24 hours.  Read more about Antwon's bariatric surgery success.




All of my life I had been overweight, and I came to the realization I couldn’t lose my excess weight without help. Read more about Arthur's results from lap band surgery.





I started looking about 10 years ago when the primary was bypass, it was just not for me, I like my plumbing! Then about 5 years ago I looked at the band but I figured out how to beat it while at the seminar so that was out.  Read more about Fred's bariatric surgery success.




I have struggled with obesity my entire life. I knew that weight loss surgery was the only way I was going to win the battle.
Read more about Jeff's 140 lb. weight loss after gastric bypass.




I decided to have weight loss surgery when I realized that I would probably die within the next five years if I didn’t. Read more about John's bariatric surgery success.




I have been on the heavy side all my life, but the big gains in weight occurred upon entering the work place with a desk-bound job.
Read more about Mark's bariatric surgery success. 



The deciding factor for my weight loss surgery was that I had grown sick of being sick all the time with such a diminished quality of life!
Read more about Shayne's bariatric surgery success. 




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