How Do I Get Started With Medical Weight Loss?

View our online seminar to obtain information on our program, and then complete the "get started now" icon located just below the video. You will be asked to provide us with your insurance information so we may check your health insurance benefits.

At the first appointment, a nurse will obtain your vital signs, perform an EKG, and draw labs for evaluation of your current health status. You will also meet with our psychologist to assess your readiness to follow the medical weight loss plan The following week, our physician will meet with you to review all your clinical and behavioral testing results and discuss your goals to determine the best weight loss plan for you.

How Does the Medical Weight Loss Program Work?

There are four stages to our weight loss program. All patients will progress through each stage to meet their weight loss goal.

  • Screening Phase - Our medical physician will access your health status and she will determine your eligibility and weight loss plan. You will also meet with a dietitian during this visit to introduce you to the meal plan prescribed for you.
  • Reducing Phase - This phase lasts 12 weeks or longer depending on the number of pounds you want to lose. It is a safe, rapid weight loss period using a meal replacement product. During this period, a nurse and physician will carefully monitor you.  It is important to attend weekly group discussions and implement an exercise program during this phase. 
  • Adapting Phase - This is a period of 4 -5 weeks during which you will gradually return to eating regular foods. A dietitian will assist you during the meal transitions and work with you to develop a sustainable meal plan that is enjoyable.

What Are My Meal Replacement Options?

Depending on your weight loss goal, our physician will prescribe a very low calorie (VCLD) or low calorie diet (LCD) meal replacement program. We use research based clinically proven meal replacement products through the New Direction weight control system. They are specially formulated to insure the proper nutritional balance to meet 100 percent of your body's daily needs for essential nutrients. The program has been effectively used for weight loss for many years and is only used under medical supervision for an extra measure of safety.

Meal replacement products have been show by research to enhance weight loss. A few reasons why are because they are easy to use, deliver the right portion size and provide fullness. Most patients chose this option for the initial stage of weight loss and then slowly transition to a regular food plan with the assistance of our registered dietitians.


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