Obesity Facts

The obesity rate in this country is not showing any signs of slowing.  A recent 2014 Gallup Poll reports the obesity rate to be 27.7 percent. A Gallup Poll in 2008 revealed a 25.5 percent obesity rate. This year's percentage is the highest ever reported in a Gallup Poll study. Not surprisingly, obesity rates are highest in the South (29.2% percent) and lowest in the West (24.1 percent).  The percentage of Americans who are overweight tops out at 35.3 percent, which is more than a third of our population.

Being overweight or obese creates several significant risk factors for many health conditions. The more body fat you have and the higher your weight greatly increases your chances of developing one or more of the following:

Truth About Weight Loss

Meaningful weight loss is achievable and sustainable with the right changes and support. Research shows that as little as 10 percent weight loss can significantly improve your health. Many successful patients report having increased energy, less joint pain and overall improved mobility.  Lowering body weight can reverse, improve or prevent many of the conditions mentioned above. For many patients, weight loss also helps to improve the quality of life and how they feel about themselves.


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