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Patient Stories

Every day, Gwinnett Medical Center strives to provide health care that goes above and beyond the needs and wants of every person we treat. This unique approach to medicine makes it possible for individuals to overcome obstacles, recover from traumatic conditions, change their lives and enjoy bright futures.

This is how we are Transforming Healthcare, and these are just a few stories of the people our care has touched.


Karen Grant

Faced with breast cancer, Karen found the advanced cancer treatments and compassionate care she was looking for at Gwinnett Medical Center. Watch Karen's story.

Rhonda Hairston

Rhonda lost 125 pounds with the help of advanced bariatric surgery. She’s keeping it off with a lifetime of weight-loss support from our Center for Surgical Weight Management. Watch Rhonda's story.

The Garner Family

Complications during Cooper's birth left him without air for more than seven minutes. Our highly skilled physicians and the cutting-edge technology in our NICU helped him survive and live a normal life. Watch their story.

Rachel Havens

A severe concussion sidelined Rachel for almost a year. But thanks to the support and care of our sports medicine physicians and certified athletic trainers, she’s back on the soccer field today. Watch Rachel's story.


The Hallmark Family

The Hallmark family received a call that their daughter, Mackenzie, was on a school bus that had been hit by a drunk driver. Mackenzie had been ejected from the bus. She was rushed to Gwinnett Medical Center’s Level II Trauma Center, where a highly skilled trauma team saved Mackenzie’s life and helped her recover from this nearly fatal accident. Watch their story.

Patty Stephens

During a heart catheterization, Patty’s cardiologist determined that she needed bypass surgery. Luckily, she was already in the right place—Gwinnett Medical Center’s Strickland Heart Center. Watch Patty's story.

Cliff Terry

Cliff was diagnosed with cancer eight years ago. He underwent removal of part of his colon and a round of radiation—but as aggressive cancers can, his came back. Today, with the help of Gwinnett Medical Center, Cliff’s cancer is in full remission. Watch Cliff's story.


Cindy Zebrasky

For two years, Cindy couldn’t inhale or exhale out of her nose. She couldn’t exercise, felt exhausted and lived in constant discomfort. She turned to Gwinnett Medical Center for relief. See how a simple surgery changed Cindy’s life. Watch Cindy's story.