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Welcome to Gwinnett Health System General Orientation

General Orientation (GO!) at Gwinnett Health System assists new associates and contractors in making a successful transition to their new work environment. We know that beginning a new position can not only be exciting, but can also be overwhelming. GO! is meant to welcome you to the GHS family and help ease any anxiety you may have by familiarizing you with the organization, people, policies, and culture. Orientation at GHS is a multi-day process. GO! is just the first step in your journey to getting acclimated to your new position.

Phone Numbers:

  • Human Resources: 678-312-4639
  • Learning Resources: 678-312-4338
  • Inclement Weather: 678-312-4444 (Press Option 6)

Important Documents:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where is GO! held? 

GO! is held in the GHS Resource Center, located in the Springfield Park Shopping Center (behind Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill) on 665 Duluth Highway – one block from the main hospital in Lawrenceville.








How long should I expect GO! to last?

Please arrive at GO! by 7:45 a.m. to allow time for badge processing, HR check-in, Learning Resources sign-in and breakfast. Our program will begin promptly at 8:15 a.m. and will end around 3:40 p.m.

What should I expect at GO!?

What At GO! you will be introduced to the history, culture and values of GHS. At the start of the day, you will get a full introduction of the day’s events and an agenda for reference. You will meet several members of our senior leadership team and learn the expectations of an associate of GHS. You will also gain knowledge in various other topics including GHS policies and standards that are required by Joint Commission and other regulatory agencies. It is a day full of rich information, so please come prepared to learn.

What should I wear?

You are expected to wear business casual attire at General Orientation. Attendees wearing denim or are otherwise not compliant with the dress code policy (300-505) will be sent home to change and must make up whatever portion of General Orientation missed or will be asked to reschedule their orientation date.

What should I bring?

Badge Form:  If you are an associate, a badge form should be provided in the packet you receive from HR.  If you are a contractor, you will receive a similar form from your manager or point of contact. Please remember to bring this completed badge form with you to GO!. Make sure information such as your preferred name and title, is accurate and printed clearly. In order to process your badge, this form will need to be given to Public Safety when you take your photo.

HR Packet:  If you received any information folders, benefits packets or forms from HR, please make sure to bring this information and completed forms to General Orientation.

CPR Card:  If you are a new clinical hire and did not provide proof of CPR certification to your recruiter, you may need to provide that information at GO!. If you have a CPR card, bring it just in case. Our CPR coordinator will seek you out at GO! if this is something we need from you.

Jacket or Sweater:  As with any large classroom, it is sometimes difficult to maintain a temperature that is pleasing to everyone. We try to keep the room at a comfortable temperature, but be sure to bring a sweater or jacket just in case.

Will I see my manager?

Many of you will be joined at lunch by the manager or education coordinator in their departments; however, not all units are able to send someone to meet with you. If no one from your area is able to attend lunch, and you have questions, HR provides contact information for your manager in your packet. Feel free to contact them.

Do I get a lunch break?

Both breakfast and lunch will be provided at GO!.

What if I haven’t had my flu shot?

During flu season (November-March), Gwinnett Health System requires associates and contractors who have not obtained a flu shot to wear a medical mask covering their nose and mouth. Consult your recruiter if you have more questions regarding this.

What if there is inclement weather?

Gwinnett Health System follows the Gwinnett County Public School schedule. If Gwinnett County Public Schools close due to inclement weather, General Orientation will be cancelled. Your recruiter will contact you to reschedule. 

During extreme winter weather conditions - Code White (snow, ice or prolonged cold weather).  Call 678-312-4444 (Ext. 2-4444) for information about a Code White status. Press option: 6 – Operator.

In the event of a Gwinnett County Public School delay, please call the GHS inclement hotline for further instructions.

If you have any questions regarding your schedule or new position, please contact your recruiter in Human Resources.