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Community Benefit Report

The annual Community Benefit Self-Assessment Report is a planned, managed and measured approach that shows how Gwinnett Medical Center participates in meeting the identified community health needs. It exists to document two components of total community benefit: the cost of uncompensated care and the additional services and programs offered expressly for the purpose of providing added value to the community.

The community benefit report provides information on the financial contributions by fiscal year, associated with bad debt and indigent and charity care. The report also includes information on how these services and programs are assigned monetary value both as the organization provides community benefit and in the cost to provide these benefits. The categories included for these projects are community education and outreach, professional and medical training, subsidized health services, cash and in-kind donations, community health screenings and community-building activities.

It is impossible to accurately measure the value of the relationships between individuals, families and the GHS associates who care for them. Though the benefits gained through human interactions in the acts of caring, listening, teaching, helping, sharing and encouraging are intangible, they are the essential foundation for healing.