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Atlanta’s Fitness & Performance Enhancement Experts

At Gwinnett Medical Center, we understand athletes. We’re not just here for you when you get injured, we’re here to help you reach your peak performance. That’s why we’ve created programs to help you with your fitness and enhance your physical capabilities.

Running Clinic at Gwinnett Medical Center

Atlanta is a great area for runners, and you should have every opportunity to enjoy your experience. Each runner is unique and, therefore, needs customized plans and solutions—whether you’re just beginning, getting back from an injury, or wanting to improve your performance and set a new PR.

Learn more about our Running Clinic, or call 678-312-7880 to set an appointment.

Fitness & Performance Center at Gwinnett Medical Center

At the Fitness & Performance Center, our experts provide comprehensive fitness assessments and customized personal training. We know that not everyone has the same fitness level and goals, so our experienced personal trainers design unique exercise programs tailored to each client with which we work. Whether you’re an elite high school athlete trying to reach the next level or an adult trying to workout for the very first time, our experts can help.

Learn more about our Fitness & Performance Center, or call 678-312-7880 to set an appointment.